Kremlin warns they have ‘unique’ nuclear weapons ‘capable of destroying any adversary’ and Belarus can now strike NATO

The US has been warned that Russia does have “modern unique” nuclear weapons which are “capable of destroying any adversary,” if their “existence” is threatened. Nikolai Patrushev from the influential… … Read More

Police used ‘one of the most intrusive powers’ and stripped searched children as young as eight at a time they have ‘racists and misogynists’

A new damning report has found that police have stopped more than 2,800 children over the past four years and have used “one of the most intrusive powers” to “strip… … Read More

Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus to ‘intimidate NATO’ risking ‘catastrophic humanitarian consequences’

Vladimir Putin will have tactical nuclear weapons stationed in Belarus and Russian troops will train Belarusian soldiers and will build a “special storage facility.” Tass news agency quoted Putin saying… … Read More

NATO are ‘closely monitoring’ Moscow’s ‘dangerous’ nuclear move and Kyiv calls for emergency UN Security Council meeting

Vladimir Putin has announced that he will have tactical nuclear weapons stationed in Belarus and send “very effective Iskander” missile systems. Russian soldiers will train Belarusian forces how to use… … Read More

After Harry’s claim he killed 25 Afghans human blood will ‘drench’ St Paul’s Cathedral as they want him ‘avenged’ for ‘war crimes’

Prince Harry has faced severe criticism after he claims he killed 25 Afghan fighters calling them “chess pieces” who were taken off the board. Russian artist Andrei Molodkin has said… … Read More

Leaked Kremlin spy documents reveals Putin wanted ‘total cleansing’ of Ukraine in ‘house-to-house terror’ to commit genocide

Leaked Kremlin spy documents reveal that Vladimir Putin wanted “total cleansing” of the Ukrainian population with the assistance of the Russian military in “house-to-house terror” with the full intention to… … Read More