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Plans to get the UK’s youth smoke-free may include a tax on vapes.

In an effort to establish a “smoke-free generation,” ministers are considering imposing a new levy on vapes in addition to gradually enacting a complete ban on child smoking. Records that … Read More

The UK NCSC is offering schools a free DNS security solution.

The Protective Domains Name Service (PDNS) is now being gradually rolled out to schools around the United Kingdom by the UK National Online Safety Centre (NCSC). The free PDNS for … Read More

The UK government maintains records on the internet activities of teaching assistants and librarians.

The Observer has heard that government agencies has been keeping an eye on the online profiles of “dozens” of regular teaching staff members, including instructional assistants, and has filed away … Read More

3.5 million schoolchildren from low-income families received lunches.

Since April, 5.5 million meals have been distributed throughout weekends and school holidays, according to City Hall. According to City Hall statistics, almost 3.5 million youngsters from low-income households in … Read More