West London British Airways staff are having ‘sleepless nights’ over job cuts

British Airways staff in West London have admitted they are having ‘sleepless nights’ over the company’s proposed job cuts. The national airline has been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic and as many as 12,000 BA staff are at risk of redundancy, while those who remain reportedly face having to work at lower paygrades and with less favourable contracts. Although BA has now started to resume some flights, many staff who live in West London and work out of Heathrow Airport are angry at how they have been treated, and have called on the airline to scrap its ‘fire and rehire’ plans. BA say the company is doing everything it can to protect as many jobs as possible.

One BA worldwide cabin crew member, who lives in South Ruislip but asked not to be named due to fearing for their job, said: “This has given me so many sleepless nights about what is going to happen in the future. “As one of his constituents, I hope Boris Johnson will look at what BA are doing and are how immoral their actions are.”
Another BA worker who asked not to be named from South Ruislip, part of its Eurofleet crew, said: “What BA is doing is morally wrong. “I have been with BA for 25 years, for the company to just change our contracts and use this pandemic as an excuse is totally unacceptable. We feel betrayed.” Dozens of workers protested in Ruislip on Wednesday (July 22) and called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to supports workers and residents living in his constituency Uxbridge.

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