Students allege that due to an IT error, they risk being deported from the UK.

Three guys claim that before they earn their college degrees from Coventry University, their visas would expire.
Due to an apparent technical error at their university, three overseas students are in danger of being deported.

The students allege that they all attempted to hand in their exams prior to the deadline set by Coventry University but were unsuccessful because they all encountered errors. According to the university, there is no proof that the system is experiencing a technical issue.

They claim they will likely have to choose between departing the UK minus a degree or getting deported since their visas are about to expire, despite the university’s offer to let them potentially sit a retake.

Because overseas students must complete their degrees before they are eligible for a graduate visa, their situation is quite precarious.

Umair and Uzair Kanasro, twins who are 24 years old, as well as Fahim Aurakzai, 25, are on a student visa that, according to them, will expire before they can take advantage of the university’s appeals procedure.

The twins traveled from Pakistan to England to pursue a one-year master’s degree in the field of structural engineering, which costs £16,950 to study abroad.

Only by applying for graduation visas, which they technically cannot do until they obtain their degrees, could they extend their student visas.

On August 10, the identical twins and Aurakzai were remotely retaking a four-hour exam. They had until 10 p.m. to upload the exam materials to the university structure, Aula, after the exam ended at 6 p.m.

Umair claims he attempted to post his paper as soon as he could after it was last saved, according to documents obtained by the Observer. “We finished our exams well ahead of schedule, and [they were] only 2MB files, therefore it shouldn’t have taken long,” Uzair continued.I tried to post my completed work 12 or 13 mins before the deadline but the link kept loading.

An error message that reads “cannot upload submission” is shown in a photograph of the exams portal that was captured just after 10 p.m.

To explain the problem and request that their papers be marked, they all approached their module coordinators immediately after the deadline. However, communication with the university obtained by the Observer reveals that they were instead sent to an appeal process, which would have required them to retake the exam.

Furthermore, holders of student visas are restricted to working no more than twenty hours a week, which makes them less competitive when looking for employment.
The pupils’ predicament is being handled by Inam Raziq, a consultant on immigration with the firm Fast Track Global Consultants. She described it as a “computer says no” issue. We don’t know why the institution penalized these students because of a technical error, and now they must cope with the fallout.

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