Sephora started modeling at 15 years old, which quickly became a real passion that she practiced alongside her art studies. At the end of her studies, she allowed herself to progress in photography, to put more and more of herself into it, until a sudden autonomy and recognition.

However, she continues her professional artistic journey. She trained as a jeweler in Geneva as well as a higher education in watch design in Switzerland.

Sephora is a designer of luxury products and a photo model. These two qualifications come together on her Instagram account linking photography and her passion for jewelry.

“Through being a photo model I like to be able to convey certain emotions and philosophical ideas. I also naturally like to share my passion for jewelry and watchmaking. It is a real pleasure for me to collaborate with beautiful brands and to share my findings with my community. So photography allows me to express myself, I share a piece of who I am and my inspirations.”

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