Peter Soubbotnik

Peter Soubbotnik is a French photographer, born in Switzerland, raised in Germany and in France.
He studied fine arts and history of art before starting his career in the fashion and beauty industry in Paris.
He has a sensitive eye for patterns, light and colours, giving rise to minimalistic images with a distinct architectural feel.
Natural light is definitely his favorite but he also loves working in studio or wherever the project demands. Travelling the world, Peter is a competent, experienced and reliable creative partner who is developing individual concepts for his clients.
His work is mainly for fashion, beauty and commercial. He can also organise a complete photo production for fashion and beauty projects.

Peter Soubbotnik is multi skilled- painter photographer – where all his creativity explores new art.
As content creator he developed a masculine and stylish way of showing a luxurious ethical and healthy lifestyle where beauty and design prevails

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