Marjan Mamooie

Marjan Mamooie professionally specializes in luxury brands, she has been a representative with Mercedes Benz since 1998. She also has a company that distributes medical devices to Plastic Surgeons. As a cancer survivor she believes in giving back. She has sat as one of the Chancellors of the City of Hope raising money for cancer research, she has been a Mentor for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. She has raised money for Maria Shriver’s non-profit for Alzheimer’s research. She was also a mentor for KO Boxing which is a non-profit organization that empowers at risk youth through innovative programs. Her family started a non-profit called Adcan which utilizes an ever growing community of filmmakers and creatives using creativity as a force for good. Marjan is also a Certified energy therapist which she studied shortly after her cancer recovery to assist others on their health and well being.

A Los Angeles businesswoman, philanthropist and serial volunteer who has been employed by Mercedes-Benz since 1998, Marjan Mamooie also has a company that distributes medical devices to plastic surgeons.
As a cancer survivor, she believes in giving back. Ms. Mamooie has worked with Maria Shriver to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. She has also served as a chancellor for the City of Hope, a role that saw her working tirelessly to raise money for cancer research. Additionally, Ms. Mamooie has served as a mentor for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.
Not satisfied to rest on her laurels, Ms. Mamooie also did volunteer work as a mentor for KO Boxing, a non-profit organization that empowers at-risk youth through innovative, hands-on programs aimed at making participants active, service-oriented members of their communities.

Ms. Mamooi is also a certified energy therapist. Having come to understand the pioneering discipline as a unique and under-appreciated tool that can enhance wellness among those overcoming various conditions, she studied energy therapy shortly after her own recovery from cancer. Now she vigorously employs energy therapy for others in their quests to achieve health and well-being.

Currently involved with Ken Kragen on a Global Warming awareness project

Short term goals being a published author

Long term goals creating a non-profit organization helping abused women with children and orphans, endangered species and earth preservation. Especially water and environmental concerns

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