1.Where did you grow up?

Ans- I grew up in Alicante, a city on the sea side, in Spain.

2. Tell us just a bit about your childhood?

Ans- My childhood was amazing, full of love and adventures. Technology wasn’t that advance in those times, so I didn’t spend much time indoors.

3. What did you want to be when you where a child?

Ans- My dream was to become an actress. I was always passionate about the cinema world.

4. What do you like to do with your free time?

Ans- I’m really into sports and music. I like to read and discover anything new about spirituality.

5.What is your favourite music, band or singer?

Ans- My fave music is Latino, in special Salsa. But I’m open to anything that makes me dance. My favourite artist Joe Arroyo and Marc Anthony.

6. Any guilty pleasures?

Ans- Definitely jelly gummy’s.

7. Tell us about your favourite food?

Ans- My favourite is asian cuisine, in special the Japanese one.

8. About your profession…what are the most difficult things and the most fun things about modeling?

Ans- In my opinion the most difficult thing is to be taken serious because in this industry is hard to make a name for yourself. The most fun thing is that you can express and show your personality in front of the camera.

9. Could you please confess us your biggest professional dream?

Ans- To be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

10. Do you have any others professional project besides modeling?

Ans- Yes, I’m starting my own brand.

11.What are you working on in this moment or what are your projects to come?

Ans- At this moment how I said before I’m working to achieve the success of my new personal brand and I have few covers coming out soon.

12. What do you think is your best quality?

Ans- I’m really humble. I never forget from where I came from.

13. And weakness?

Ans- I can be really impatient .

14. If you could get any answer in any question in the world,what would you ask ?

Ans- If after this hard period that we’re going through, the humanity will be more united and kind.


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