Luke Kolbas-Williams

Luke Kolbas-Williams is a successful life coach & business owner across a number of sectors. His goal is to have the most positive impact on the life of his clients. Helping them to become the healthiest & most abundant they can possibly be in their life.
Luke Kolbas-Williams was born in Northern New South Wales, Australia and was raised in the remote country before moving to the city in Canberra to study at the nation’s capital university. His coaching journey has been a part of him for the best part of 15 + years starting back in 2006. He has never stopped leading large teams – developing their skills, working closely on mentoring team thru the ranks of some of Australia’s largest retail changes. Luke has such a positive mindset & setting goals to grow for himself plus his networks too. His hands on and front facing approach to lead his networks is a key part of his senior leadership roles success. Luke believes that common people are just like privileged people – they all can have what they desire in their life. Be that good health, glowing skin, CEO of their own business or maintain a positive mindset. Anything is possible providing you are clear on what it is and the work required to be done to get it. Luke mission is to serve as many people as he can – from start up business owners
to 7 figure brands + everything in between. He has positive impact on the life of people in his proximity because of the certainty he posses. This certainty helps the people get laser focused on what they want in life and then builds the strategy on how to make these desires become a reality. Here Luke embodies a number of proven techniques
connecting life and business modalities to truly embody what it takes to the highest version of your self in all ways you show up. Luke truly want’s the best for his clients – to do this he covers performance, mindset, motivation, desires and lifestyle.
Luke started his coaching ways back in 2006, always looking for the next challenge or goal to work towards. He has tried many different types of generic programmes and explored a number of learning strategies but hands down he always goes with walk and talk with a hands on approach triumphs everything! You can always have short term gains but those who have foresight of the long term gain is how his clients 5 X their income in 3 months, or grow 10k followers on their platforms in 4 months or build a 6 figure brand in 12 months. Whilst the short term may be a win – it is not sustainable – often clients get bored or struggle to be motivated after a while. This is why I now have the formula to achieve massive growth, mindset & abundance. There is no right way but there is a right way for you – here working in Luke’s proximity is beyond powerful – its life changing. There is so much conflict and change and contradictory information going around in the globe currently – why focus on what you cant control and just focus on what you 100% can control? This is Luke’s secret sauce…… clients who made $3k 12 months ago are making $17k a month now – yes in the middle of a pandemic and in serve lockdown circumstances. Luke designs business plans where you have work & life balance. The integration on the 6 pillars of success are embedded and married between the 2 key parts of our existence – we need to make.

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