Leading the way in facial Aesthetics

Dr. Olha Vorodyukhina dental surgeon and aesthetics practitioner. Author of the book ‘Beyond the Mirror’ the first ever book that unlocks emotional attributes and motivations behind cosmetic treatments based on real patient’s experiences and stories.

Dr.Olha exudes a pure passion for treating her patients with the latest and safest products at her clinics Angels Twelve and The Cosmetic Centre

It is indeed surreal to know and learn about all those people and professionals who make sure to give it their all in all that they ever choose to lay their hands on. What is even more fascinating about these professionals and experts across fields and industries is that most of them have reached the forefront of their industries by adding more value into people’s lives, optimizing every possible opportunity while also creating many more opportunities for them. So many such incredible personalities and doctors have been on a rise in the medical aesthetics world. We couldn’t help but notice the rising prominence of one such phenomenal dental surgeon and aesthetic practitioner named Dr. Olha Vorodyukhina.

Dr. Olha Vorodyukhina today stands tall and unique as a one-of-a-kind aesthetician and dental surgeon who has never ceased to amaze each and every patient of hers whose life she has altered through her exemplary techniques and innovative treatments through her incredible businesses like Angels Twelve Clinic and The Cosmetic Centre

She is a lead trainer and partner at Cosmetic Courses. The graduate from the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy speaks more about her endeavors saying that Angels Twelve is an award-winning facial aesthetics clinic, which excels in skin care, facials, wellness, and non-surgical treatments. Shine Medical she says has grown tremendously as a beauty, cosmetic, and personal care brand and has shown excellence as a skin and aesthetic clinic now this rebounded and became part of The Cosmetic Centre clinics.

The Midlands, UK talent says that she finds her peace in helping people to discover positive aging and confidence in their looks and healthy skin. Dr. Olha Vorodyukhina has over the years immersed herself in the profession making every day count to improve people’s lives through her work and knowledge.

She also loves educating her colleagues through teaching. She is already a consultant and trainer with leading companies in the medical aesthetics industry like Sinclair, and Evolus.

Dr. Olha Vorodyukhina aims to grow her business in the upcoming months and also expand into new locations in the next few years

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