Increase in UK visa for students costs of 35% beginning in October 2023

The visa fee for students, including those with children and dependents, will go up starting the following month.
The cost of learning in the United Kingdom is expected to increase. Starting on October 4, there will be an increase in the cost of student visas for international students. The visa price for students, including those with children and dependents, will rise from the current £363 to £490, a 35% increase. However, there won’t be an increase in the visa price for short-term programs where students learn English on their own for more than six months but no longer than eleven months.

The visa price will increase from £479 to £551 for skilled workers in shortage occupations where an acknowledgment of sponsoring has been given for no more than three years, a 15% increase. If the sponsorship certificate has been in effect for more than three years, the immigration fee will increase from £943 to £1,084, a 15% increase.
With the goal to fund vital amenities and give government pay hikes more budgetary priority, additional migration and nationality fees were introduced into policy in Commons on September 15 and are set to go into effect on October 4.

A visit visa that is valid for a maximum of six months has gone up in price by £15 to £115, whilst a student visa that is valid for study outside of the UK has gone up in price by £127 to £490.

The government announced price increases in July for most work and visit visas of 15%, priority visas of 20%, study visas of 20%, and sponsorship certificates of 20%.

The adjustments include:

fees for visit visas valid for up to a six-month period, 2 years, and 10 years.
the bulk of entry clearance fees as well as some applications for UK visas, including those for employment and study. Fees for both an indefinite entry permit and an indefinite stay permit.

Conventional travel documents and travel documents for stateless people.

Visa for Health and Care.

fees for sponsorship certificates and letters confirming enrollment in courses.

the super-priority service fee for both domestic and international travel, as well as the priority service price for international travel. To be in line with the price of using the higher priority service, the payment for the service’s priority will be reduced.

Requests to Naturalize and Register as a British Citizen.

the cost of the service for user-paid visa applications.

Immigration and national fees will increase beginning October 4, 2023, subject to parliamentary approval.


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