Growing Concerns: Lots of Mother’s day gift options, whether mom is a gardener or not

Mother’s Day is Sunday. The hanging basket seems to be the go-to gift for the plant lover.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a hanging basket.

What type of lighting is the basket going to receive?  Will it get lots of morning sun but not much in the afternoon or will it get strong, bright sunlight all day?  Or, does it just get a few hours late in the day? 

In the case of low levels of light, tuberous begonia or fuchsia do


well.  Geraniums, petunia and calibrachoa love full sun. 

Colour also is a consideration. The last few year the strong bright colours have been the most popular.

Here are some other options, instead of a hanging basket.

Wind chimes that play her favourite melody. A kneeler to make getting down in the garden more comfortable. A hummingbird or oriole feeder as these birds are moving through our area. A gardening journal and pens to write in it. Track your love of gardening or write how the garden makes you feel. A gardener’s tote bag for all the hand tools and supplies needed in the garden. A gift certificates to their favourite garden centre or one she has not visited in a while. A subscription to gardening magazines or gardening websites. Garden statuary A written promise to help help in the garden, whether it be weeding, spreading mulch or digging holes.
Mother’s Day also allows us to remember those no longer with us. Plant a tree, shrub or favourite flower in your garden to remember them.  My garden has lots of plants in memory of loved ones.  As I spend time in the garden, I feel the love of those important to me.

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