Dr. Acuña

Dr. Acuña from the AA CLINIC center in Ourense is one of the pioneers in the use of ultrasound for fat extraction

Liposoft 6D is an advanced technique for localized fat extraction using ultrasound. It is suitable for both genders, and the results it provides are extremely natural and satisfying for the patient, whose body is reshaped to a more pleasing shape.

Liposoft 6D puts the most effective technology at the service of a large number of people who do not feel comfortable with their body and want to give their appearance greater harmony. The technique used by Dr. Alejandro Acuña Vengoechea  -registration number 3198OU- reduces the movement of the Vaser probe to a minimum, which achieves the emulsification of the fat without affecting the other tissues and makes a comfortable and practically painless postoperative period possible.

 Modern and proven technology at your service

The process is carried out with state-of-the -art ultrasound , which enables a very precise intervention that is free from the inconveniences and complications of traditional liposuction: the technique is minimally invasive and, thanks to the liposelective operation of the probe, it acts on the fat without causing damage to fibrous septa or venous or arterial vessels.

 As a result, more fat can be removed, significantly improving the results provided by older techniques: skin retraction is more natural, and laxity, stretch marks and cellulite are minimized for a highly aesthetically convincing appearance. On the other hand, the millimetric incisions , made at strategic points, will be imperceptible in the daily life of the patient.

In a large majority of cases, the intervention requires only local anesthesia ; This saves the patient discomfort, who can also, during the practice of the technique, distract himself with a film or a documentary thanks to the video playback glasses. A postoperative period in which pain is very rarely experienced and will allow the patient to return to their daily lives on the same day of the intervention .

The Liposoft 6D technique , despite its simplicity, requires the greatest care and a high degree of expertise from the treating physician. Only about 450 professionals in the world have the precise preparation , Dr. Acuña being one of the pioneers. He has made use of this technique at the AA Clinic  in Ourense, a center specializing in medicine and cosmetic surgery that uses the latest technology to ensure the best results and the greatest comfort for its patients.

The people indicated to be treated with Liposoft 6D are those who are moderately overweight or have certain areas of localized fat. The results of the treatment are quickly appreciable: as soon as the intervention is over, changes are already observed, which become very evident after a week; after a month, the appearance of the patient corresponds to 80% with what will be the final appearance of her. During that first month you should wear a girdle 24 hours a day, and add lymphatic drainage and pressotherapy sessions to the recovery to help reduce inflammation.

It is important to highlight the definitive nature of the result: the accumulations of fat will not appear again, and, in the words of Doctor Acuña, the only precaution is to be taken to “avoid large fluctuations in weight”.

The results of the Liposoft 6D technique are unquestionably superior to those of any other type of liposuction, including lipolaser. In the countries that have a long experience in their use, the traditional techniques have been progressively abandoned; the minimal complications of the new procedure and an almost non-existent postoperative period have been enormously weighty arguments for the change.

For this reason, AA Clinic  has created medical-tourism packages to respond to the demand of residents outside of Ourense, from which the bulk of its interventions come. Patients can thus enjoy an organization that covers both accommodation, cultural and leisure visits in Ourense, taking advantage of the fact that the medical intervention is minimally incapacitating.

Why choose Liposoft 6D instead of traditional liposuction, according to Doctor Acuña

1. Better results

Technical advances and, in particular, Vaser technology, have revolutionized the possibilities of selective fat extraction. The treatment of inaccessible areas, only fifteen years ago, is today everyday, and results unimaginable then, are perfectly achievable. Liposoft 6D is the present of body shaping.

2. Faster, easier and more comfortable recovery

Liposoft 6D is a very minimally invasive practice, with incisions in no case larger than 5 millimeters and made in favorable areas at your discretion (this is the case of the abdominal area, just below the bikini line). The ultrasound technique is the most gentle and least traumatic form of fat extraction available today. The patient leaves on foot and the period of recovery is much shorter, in addition to passing without pain, with minimal discomfort and fewer bruises. These are results that no traditional method can offer.

3. Suitable for men and women

The procedure can be carried out in both sexes and in people of any age, with outstanding results.

4. Better skin retraction

It is one of the strengths of the Liposoft 6D technique : ultrasounds make it possible for the skin to retract more adequately and offer better behavior and final appearance than those achieved with traditional liposuction.

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