Dino Spencer

Dino Spencer
Krav Maga instructor
Israeli Self defense
Hand to hand combat division of the Israeli Military.
Because defunding the police and all of the violent protests I have had I high demand for Self Defense classes. People are scared.
Since the pandemic and quarantine spousal abuse has sky rocketed and the police are not coming .
Woman in particular have to and want to learn to protect themselves.
People are realizing that you have to take care of yourself.
Krav Maga is a simple system designed for the average person to use in a life or death situation. Jennifer Lopez used this system in the MOVIE “ ENOUGH “

Italian American boxing club
Has hundreds of members
Famous Fighters Paulie Malanaggi (2x world champion)
Matteo Papà (undefeated)
Christian Thun (undefeated)

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