A well known, award winning ENT & Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon based in Harley Street. Practicing in aesthetic industry for more than 14 years and operated more than 2000 surgeries in Istanbul, UK and Cyprus.

His special interest and consistent good results in surgical and non surgical rhinoplasty featured on Channel 4 and Channel 5 and awarded him the “Nose King” title by his patients.

He also published his own suture techniques for Rhinoplasty and advanced techniques in non surgical Rhinoplasty in world known aesthetic journals.

He is also a KOL (key opinion leader) for non surgical Butt lift and body contouring with using fillers. He runs regular hands on training on ” Surgical & Non Surgical Rhinoplasty” and ” Non Surgical Butt Lift and Body Contouring”. Also he has popular online training modules for most advanced non surgical treatments.

He is also CEO and Founder of Virtual Aesthetic Doctor which is the world’s first aesthetic training application with Virtual Reality (VR).
Dr.DENIZ KANLIADA working in Non – surgical rhinoplasty from last 12-14 years and operating 1500+ surgeries and this is one of the most popular and also most advanced non – surgical procedure in the world. In the hands of an experienced injector, it is a very powerful and useful procedure in which we can correct so many problems on the nose and achieve more desirable look, sometimes even better than the original rhinoplasty surgery. With an ideal hyaluronic acid filler and technique, we can correct dorsum problems, increase the rotation and the projection of the tip, balance dorsal aesthetic lines, change the width of the nose. Also, deformities after a surgical rhinoplasty like saddle nose, inverted V, poly beak deformity can be corrected non-surgically. Retracted columella and retracted ala problems after a surgery can also be corrected non-surgically. The correction of the projection of the forehead, of the profile and shape of the nose, of the lips and chin as well as an overall improvement in face aesthetics and harmony gives a good solution in patients avoiding the need for a surgical intervention, scars and cost of general anaesthesia, thus providing the optimum in patient satisfaction

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