Darren Placid

A firefighter by day Darren Placid is no stranger to the fitness world. In his profession, leading a healthy lifestyle is essential. Recently, Darren has committed even more of his energy to health and fitness qualifying as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Darren is a go-getter by nature and is always up for a fitness challenge. Darren brings out the inner competitiveness in his clients and class participants – a natural competitor he pushes himself to break through barriers and in turn encourages his clients and class participants to do the same.

Darren’s individual fitness journey is inspirational to many especially others who do not necessarily want to look like weightlifters but want to gain strength and be happy with the aesthetics of their body.

Darren is rapidly making a name for himself in the fitness industry by delivering high-tempo spin classes. He specialises in endurance and speed and you are sure to break a sweat in his sessions. He currently on an exclusive contract and takes his classes at Digme Fitness

He revels at the opportunity to perform at fitness events across the country including RIP Fitness Weekenders, 3Ness events and across the globe internationally In his spare time Darren enjoys taking part in amateur boxing and spending time with his family.

Darren has spent a 14 year career in the London Fire Brigade and has been a massive vocal point in breaking down barriers when it comes to diversity in the workplace. Assisting and putting on events for the black and ethnic minority groups to encourage them to join or to submit their interest in joining the London Fire Brigade.

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