I grew up in the state of Ohio in an entrepreneurial household. My father was a businessman and a real estate investor. What I love about growing up in that household was I was taught to manage my fear and self-doubt.

My first business venture after leaving corporate America was an advertising agency. Since building that business I have built over 100 businesses, scaled many of them, and exited over 80.

In building all of my companies I built an operating system called Empire. This system allowed me to manage my communication, set the right expectations, and operate my businesses at the highest level of efficiency. This operating model is the key to all of my growth and scale.

Now my passion for business growth and helping others has lead me to releasing the Empire Program to other business owners who also desire growth and efficiency. We have over 500 businesses now operating on the system from around the world. Businesses in real estate, manufacturing, clothing, marketing, law, accounting, and a dozen other industries are finding success with the platform.
In 2020 I was selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as a top 10 business consultant to watch
You can see more of the success I have had and how you can also achieve success at

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