Business leaders investing in digital workplace technology to make cost savings

Research has revealed that 64% of UK business leaders plan to invest in digital workplace technology to improve collaboration and facilitate better hybrid working.

With high profile business leaders questioning the productivity of hybrid workforces, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to ensure their disparate workforce remains as productive as possible.

Research conducted by Velocity Smart Technology has recently investigated how business leaders are seeking to allay financial pressures, while continuing to invest in technology. The results showed that IT failures cost workers around 545 hours of lost productivity every year!

More than half of UK workers (56%) have reported that they regularly waited up to three hours to resolve IT issues in the last few years due to remote working.

So what is the answer?

Speaking on the results, Anthony Lamoureux, CEO of Velocity Smart Technology, the smart locker provider says, “Investing now in digital technology is a key step not only in protecting a business against the impact of recession, but also preparing the business to thrive once it has passed. Creating a productive and settled workforce should be a priority – especially after the turmoil created by wholesale staff changes over the past two years.”

“Smart lockers and smart vending machines ensure remote staff can gain access to IT support services, including equipment repair and replacement, at a time and place that works for them.”

According to the research, over a third (36%) of business leaders plan to introduce smart lockers or smart vending machines for better IT asset management and delivery. One in three (33%) also plan to introduce collaborative workspaces, such as pods and videoconferencing.

49% of business leaders would also consider letting out unused office space, as a result of employees working remotely and a third have considered raising salaries to help employees cope with the cost of living crisis.

Lamoureux concluded, “Investing in tools such as digital lockers to rapidly provide replacement equipment to individuals irrespective of location can dramatically improve their productivity – and morale. Digital technologies are key to creating that collaborative, productive environment.”

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