Anmol Singh

Mr. Anmol Singh has always believed trading to be one of the most trending sectors across the world that led him to create “”. Livetrader under the proper guidance of Mr. Anmol earned tremendous milestone that ranked #1 in three consecutive year. It was a dream for him to build a platform for others to learn about trade and it’s technical. It was this platform that helped him become one of the experts in trading field.

Mr. Anmol has been continuously encouraging and helping million dollar traders irrespective of the industry they are into as for him success has been a subjective topic for him.

The book specializes to help other towards the path of success and talks very little about business and trading.

#>Hello Anmol, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

–My life with trading started long back when I was in first year of my college and later co-founded “” in the year 2015. Trading is a tough field if you have no mentor or guide to elaborate about the techniques and flow of it. At beginning, I hardly had any logic and idea to generate profit out of trading but with time I started finding the proper technical that helped me generate profit for me and the investors as well. Trading has helped me find logic and conclusion out of anything.

#>What are your focus areas and why?

— I have strong feeling about few sectors and believe that it will be a big industry in near future and forever, these sectors are stocks, forex markets. Online social media industry and Real Estate investment opportunities.

#>How do you describe “LiveTraders” in few words?

–“LiveTraders” has been developed to encourage traders and help them gain in-depth knowledge of trading. We at “LiveTraders” make continuous effort to match modern standards and to do so we offer a world class live trading room facilitates live trade with us every day to give traders an opportunity to watch our screens and hear the audio as we are trade in real time. We also assist our users financially, who are looking forward to build their career out of trading by providing them the funds to trade in exchange for a little percentage of what you will make trading with us.

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