About Svitlana Mantra

She was born in Ukraine, graduated from the law academy in Kharkov, moved to Kiev and opened a travel agency, restaurant and nightclub in 2010, she have always been a leader and moved on in life, moved to America and started college studying English, after a couple of years entered the Marconi Institute and graduated from the MBA program, at the same time received a certificate of real estate agent, worked in the concierge of the company for 3 years, also in Russian American television in Miami for advertising sales. At the moment I work in payment systems processes, everything related to credit and debit cards , money transfers, online casinos and marijuana business in the legal states of America .. traveling the world studying different countries, histories, religions and cuisines .. doing yoga and meditation, playing tennis and golf and doing sports every day if possible..

She is the best example of women empowering the generation today.

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