AA Clinic European Award for Technology and Innovation 2022 in advanced aesthetic medicine

The European Association of Industry, Technology and Innovation delivered last week the EUROPEAN AWARDS FOR TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION 2022, among whose winners is this center from Ourense specialized in advanced aesthetic medicine and surgery treatments and interventions. The recognition is the result of a constant commitment to innovation, with Dr. Alejandro Acuña at the head of a center that is a benchmark in the application of cutting-edge technologies such as Vaser Lipo and Renuvion

Dr. Alejandro Acuña received the prize awarded by the AEITI supported by the team that makes up AA Clinic . In his speech, he confirmed the growing demand for aesthetic treatments, reflecting on what motivates the increase in body and facial medicine treatments.

According to Dr. Acuña , society is at a time of great technological development and this allows us to offer solutions that did not exist before. He also points out that costs have been reduced by making aesthetic treatments more accessible to everyone, and this, added to the results, has led to an exponential increase in demand. Dr. AcunaHe has also explained what methodology should be followed in aesthetic medicine , and highlights the importance of medical rigor. As director of AA Clinic, he informs that the procedures that follow take as a starting point a preliminary study of the history and clinical situation of the patient , to decide the application of each treatment. This is the only way to guarantee an avant-garde, safe service that guarantees results . After 10 years dedicated to advanced aesthetic medicine , Dr. Acuña appreciates the affection that his patients transmit to them. In addition, he wanted to point out that the duty of every doctor is to always attend to the maximum well-being of his patients, and he is glad that at AA Clinic the feedback from patients is that they have fulfilled a dream and have achieved greater physical and mental well-being. During the award ceremony, he wanted to highlight an increasingly well-known technology, Vaser Lipo. This methodology currently constitutes the most advanced technology in fat extraction without surgery , and thanks to it it is possible to perform less invasive liposuction. Dr. Acuña wanted to emphasize that, although Vaser Lipo technology does not require surgery, it is not a simple intervention. The AA Clinic team has reaffirmed the importance of having a specifically qualified team and medicalized facilities to carry out effective and 100% safe treatments.

In addition, the doctor has explained that Vaser technology is not used solely for stylistic purposes. In March 2021 AA Clinic opened the Galician Lipedema Unit, a pioneer in Spain to combat a disease that affects around 12% of the female population and 2% of the male population, and which can be treated today with guarantees thanks to this revolutionary technique .

Dr. Alejandro Acuña finished receiving the award by inviting everyone to get to know Ourense and its AA Clinic center , where the latest generation technology, rigor, innovation and results have allowed a clinic in Ourense to position itself at the national avant-garde in aesthetic medicine, competing with the most exclusive centers in Madrid and Barcelona.

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