A powerful business woman who has every step ahead in the aesthetic field and beauty care industry /Ana Maria Mărgineanu

Ana Maria Mărgineanu is a powerful business woman who has every step ahead in the aesthetic field and beauty care industry. Furthermore she is teaching her revolutionary techniques at Start Academy and offers services and treatments at Glatt MedSpa, based in Romania, Bucharest.

Ana Maria is master and international trainer born 1981 in Romania, Bucharest and mother of three children.
She has over 14 years of experience in PMU, Paramedical Pigmentation, L.A.S.E.R and ChemicalTattoo Removal, skin corrections and cosmetic lasers. In all those years she developed new correction techniques for old or wrong permanent make-up procedures. She is a partner in a humanitarian project called “Save
Femininity“ and she is also the image of Start Academy.

To start with Ana Maria is a qualified technician and dedicated professor. Her talent and skill were completed by her specialised studies in plastic arts and medical science. This way she can give the most interesting and complete perception about this field to her students.

“I am proudly to be the only Romanian member of SPCP (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), thus having access to studies and analyses from micro-pigmentation and tattoo area. At the same time, I am the only Romanian trainer who appeared in “Permanent Make up Magazine”, but also the first Romanian trainer invited to Moscow. “

Ana Maria Mărgineanu pays special attention to mistakes in PMU, procedure that requires prior correction. In order to gain control of an important chapter in the activity of Pigmentology & Colorimetry, Ana Maria analysed in detail a wide range of pigments by composition and conducted an intensive study on the mixtures of several pigments and analysed the results obtained, reaching to perfectly combine the colours of the pigments with the skin tones and undertones. Thus, she stood out and detached in the community of technicians, in terms of exceptional results obtained in the segment of corrections and neutralisations.

“In order to achieve my goals, I always work unconditionally on my plans and always in advance, therefore when I launch new courses, or I reveal new techniques in the beauty care area, success is guaranteed. “

To sum up she is the only Romanian member of European Society of PMU, thus having access to studies and analyses from dermo-pigmentation and tattoo area, from the biggest association in the world and being aware of the national and international legislation, but also with the lasts trends in the field. Ana Maria is recognised as the only MultiBrand Trainer that works with the most well-known pigment brands and machines in PMU, supports a complex range of courses, thus completing the academy’s portfolio with specialisations related to cosmetic or medical pigmentation, tattoo removal or plasma treatment, on which has adapted them to the requirements and needs of the Romanian market.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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