The making of the EP “Toxic”

The new artist opens up in an emotional interview about the reason behind her EP title and what inspired her to choose this name.
“ I utilized all of my past experiences and emotions that I have ever felt in these failed love relationships and solidified it in my music. Simply because I did not have someone to guide me through phases of life or love.” Jodee states.
Jodee opens up about how she had to overcome abusive relationships, and how she had to seek within herself to reassure that this is not something she deserved.
“I have witnessed so many relationships result in physical, verbal or even mental abuse, to the point where the victim believes he or she deserves it. In reality no one deserves such mistreatment.”

Toxic is what is used vaguely, as an eye opener for many to point out the signs of these poisonous relationships. Toxic, the music video released in March 2022 starring well known Model and Actor Joseph .B. Augustin, displays how infidelity, mistrust and physical abuse patterns out, and yet neither the abuser nor the victim leaves. Jodee plays the victim that cannot leave, because she is loathed in gifts but genuinely is in love. Tune in more to find out.

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