When I started weight training 17 years ago i was inspired by the bodybuilder figure of Frank Zane & Arnold Shwarzengger , I was always into sports at school back in High School, soccer & Water polo , but I was the skinny kid! I just wanted to gain a little weight and size to help with my performance in general, so i pushed myself to lift at the gym !
My mentality is very much to stay dedicated to a goal , if I want something, I will see it through to the end & what
Kept saying to myself that No one will outwork me !! I worked out twice a day, ate 6-7 meals in order to beat my average genetics!

After 3 years of training I noticed that my biceps had so much similarities to Arnold’s & that began to give me motivation & hope that one day i can have that perfect physique ! gym soon became my passion, and along with my gym buddies we decided to enter a local bodybuilding competition; just for fun to keep us motivated, to train harder, and diet more. Long story short, I won 5 national consecutive titles ! And it felt so good !!. Competing quickly became my motivation to keep training, keep getting better, so my goal was to stand on stage every year.
In 2009/2010 having a bulky physique was the trend and at that time I decided to take my body to a whole new level of shredding, so I started educating myself, using trials & errors in dieting & trying new ways of training & i landed on a 3.5% body fat physique after 4 months of extreme focus & dedication! I made the 1st photo session ever in Sep 2010 that defines the word (FITNESS MODEL) that we see nowadays! It was one of my greatest achievements to date, i tried to compete in musclemania 2010/2011 & 2012 but I wasn’t that lucky as rejections kept coming due to the hard times that the country went through (revolution) !!
After that period I took the decision to stop competing and started doing some fashion shows & modeling and started my professional career at Nestlè.

Now I always make sure to share my experience & healthy lifestyle with my followers and positively influence them to keep fit and healthy.
I want to keep inspiring and motivate people of all ages, to share the importance of the consistency needed in both training, nutrition & achieving their goals in general.

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