London coronavirus: New map shows how many deaths there have been in every borough

More than 6,900 people have died of coronavirus in London, latest figures show.

According to Public Health England, 6,906 people living in the capital have sadly died after testing positive for Covid-19.

The most deaths have occurred in Brent (417), while Croydon (401) and Barnet (344) are not too far behind.

Kensington and Chelsea has experienced the fewest deaths (104).
The figures, released on Sunday night (August 9), do not include people who died of Covid-19 and had not tested positive.

Hover over each borough in the map below to find out how many deaths there are. The darker the colour means there have been a greater number of deaths. The latest weekly figures available for London’s boroughs show that a total of 552 cases were recorded across London in the seven days leading up to August 3.

By comparison the week ending July 27 saw 534 cases, meaning the number of infections is increasing in general in the capital by around 3.4 per cent. The most dramatic fall was in Bexley which saw cases drop from 19 in one week to four in the other, a decrease of around 79 per cent.

In Brent, one of the worst affected boroughs in the capital, the number of new cases also fell from 36 to 15, a decrease of around 58.3 per cent. Cases also more than halved in Sutton from 16 to seven.

Cases tripled in Merton, from a total of four cases in the week ending July 27 to 12 in the week ending August 3, resulting in the rate of infection changing from 1.9 per 100,000 residents to 5.8.

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