‘Russia takes control’ of another major city claiming victory and have ‘gained a foothold’ in another marking a symbolic milestone for Putin

Russian forces have claimed on Sunday that they have taken “control” of the entire region of Luhansk and are also “gaining a foothold” in another. The Donbas is part of… … Read More

Putin is ‘speeding up’ a defence pact with Belarus which is ‘a de facto Russian takeover’ and a ‘defining moment in European security’

Vladimir Putin is accelerating Russia’s defence pact with President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus in a warning to the West that they could be preparing or war. On Friday the Russian… … Read More

‘Raising tensions’ with Belarus has put ‘Ukrainian authorities on high alert’ amid ‘the possibilities of covert mobilisation’

There are fears Belarus could be poised for a “covert mobilisation” in Ukraine as President Alexander Lukashenko has ordered “military drills” near to the border of the Kyiv region. According… … Read More