Adelya Jewellery new collection was all about trusting her instincts in creating a new range focused on sustainability and recycling and complementing other collections.

“We wanted to design a collection that could be layered up with previous pieces and go together well. The new collection is earring heavy and focuses more on the stone itself” says Adelya, founder of Adelya Jewellery. The collection Elements offers customers a more sustainable line. The collection’s key focus is on pressed stones a new technique that originates from Japan where left over pieces from faceting rough gemstones and dust are recrystalised to form new stones. The new stones are the purest form of stone with no oil, glass or additional colour added during the process. This technique minimizes waste and is aimed at reducing stone mining thus making jewellery industry more sustainable and eco-friendlier.Pressed Colombian emeralds are mainly used in the collection alongside pressed blue and pink sapphires and rubies. The collection prioritises focus on the stones in the jewellery pieces while minimising waste and carbon footprint.

“This collection is meant for day and evening wear; I feel that the emerald and sapphire earrings are definitely statement pieces.” Adelya says. Adelya who is known for her effortless style in wearing jewellery, says that her approach to wearing jewellery is very much this- one or two statement pieces that she keeps for dressing up, but mostly she wears everyday jewellery that goes with anything and everything.She believes in the power of everyday jewellery to transform your look and layering up some nice jewellery can elevate a simple look.

Adelya Jewellery is about experimenting and playing around with the different collections. The Elements collection is no exception and the aim is to take a few risks and to see what works with different pieces and what you feel comfortable in. Emerald cut and bold in colour the earrings in the collection possess an instant attraction to the eye. The earrings have a dynamic yet subtle elegance which carries a significant meaning for the changing jewellery industry that big stones can be sustainable and more transparent.

The jewellery industry is not always aligned to sustainability goals it’s hard for an industry that focuses on raw materials to be extracted from the earth to implement universal sustainable practices. The new technique that is used in the Elements collection tries to combat the waste from faceting gemstones and reduce the carbon footprint of the jewellery industry.

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