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What do Rishi Sunak’s A-level reforms entail and how will they affect students?

Under the proposed reforms, English and math might become required courses in post-secondary education. According to reports, the Prime Minister wants to revamp the A-level system by establishing a new … Read More

As support dwindles, the university staff union abandons planned UK-wide strikes.

A large number of campus branches decline to participate in the protest slated for September 25–29. A week of nationwide strikes by the Universities and College Union have been called … Read More

Inside the ‘unchecked’ £500 million industry that is reshaping UK universities

We examine the function of education agents as students get ready for college, a little-known but very profitable sector that competes to entice international students and profit from their greater … Read More

British baccalaureate is being considered by Rishi Sunak as part of an educational reform.

As part of his ambitions to restructure A-levels, Rishi Sunak is reportedly considering switching to a system modeled after the international baccalaureate. Labour has called the alleged suggestions a “unworkable … Read More